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FIT (Facade Integrated Technologies)

2011-05-16 FIT RenderingLocated on the UO campus, the Façade Integrated Technologies (FIT) facility is an Oregon BEST signature shared-user facility.

The FIT facility provides experimental full-scale testing for envelope components by measuring their energy performance, synergy with other systems, occupant impact, and occupant acceptance of façade technologies.

The FIT lab is capable of testing various products covering most areas of high-performance façades including, but not limited to:

  •  Solar Control and Daylighting: Light-Guiding Glazing, Holographic Optical Elements, Laser-Cut Panels, Aerogel Diffuse Glazing, and Optoelectronic Glazing;
  • Natural Ventilation: Breathable Walls, Active Insulation, Automated and Manually Operable Double Envelope Vents
  • Energy Micro generation: Façade-Integrated Photovoltaics, Solar Capillary Tubes, Vacuum Pipes, Photovoltaic Shades, and Solar Awnings.

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