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E3 SolarAwning

Installed E3 AwningWe have developed a BIPV Solar Awning system with synergetic performance and innovative materials for commercial buildings that:

  1. Saves energy by reducing building energy loads
  2. Generates energy from integrated micro-generation of Photo Voltaic cells (PV)
  3. Emits energy from harvesting and re-directing natural daylight and wind energies into spaces for proper use.

This three-in-one, Energy3(E3) plug and play green building product will revolutionize the commercial building market, leading to a transformation in the construction of commercial buildings as well as an ease of retrofits for energy upgrades of existing buildings. Our research not only focuses on cutting-edge technologies research but on the impact of such technologies on occupants’ indoor comfort and energy use behavior.

A prototype of this system, installed at the University of Oregon, currently serves as an educational tool, providing live accessible performance data via a dashboard kiosk. Students can access this data at http://solarawning.uoregon.edu).

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Evaluation of a Prototype Solar Awning


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